Good News: Severe Sciatica in Paramus, NJ Patients Can Be Relieved

"Saying that sciatica can best be dealt with by patience is the same as saying it has no cure. The truth is, there are many solutions, including non-surgical procedures performed by specialists in MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center, that actually provide short- and long-term relief to patients. They involve a series of physical and neurological therapy sessions, usually lasting for several weeks, depending on the patient’s response. Some solutions may even provide lifetime relief or kill the pain for good. Specialists, like Dr. Ali Maz, who understand that sciatica is just caused by an underlying condition also know that the solution to the symptom is to treat its root. In essence, the ultimate sciatica relief for Paramus, NJ patients can be achieved through analysis of the brain functions where pain is interpreted."