Neuropathy Treatment in Paramus, NJ Available through Medwell Center

"Dr. Ali Mazandarani, the leading medical professional of MedWell, has studied over 10 years of the latest research in the diagnosis and treatment of neuropathy. He is a genuine neuropathy doctor in Northern NJ and, along with a handful of trained and NTCA certified doctors, are qualified to treat the disease. Dr. Maz even underwent a special neuropathy mentorship under Dr. Michael Johnson to be able to learn to properly give the care that patients need. Dr. Maz and the rest of the MedWell team ensure all neuropathy patients that the appropriate tests are done before a personalized treatment plan starts. Such tests may include neurological testing, NCV testing, vascular testing, and balance testing. These tests tell their team of doctors which metabolically and neurologically-targeting form of treatment would be best to help relieve the symptoms and cure the underlying causes of the specific form of neuropathy patients suffer from."