Clinic Provides Effective Pain Relief for Sciatica in Paramus, NJ

The MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center, a trusted Paramus, NJ sciatica treatment provider, is offering a diverse range of services for patients suffering from this painful condition of sciatica. The practice specializes in effective therapeutic interventions for a broad range of physical ailments and maladies. Sciatica, known to medical professionals as sciatic neuralgia or lumbar radiculopathy, is an effect of prolonged irritation or compression of the sciatica nerve. This nerve extends from the spinal cord to the lower limbs, which is why sciatica sufferers experience widespread and often incapacitating pain that affects the lower back, the waist, the hips, and the legs. The MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center can perform a comprehensive examination that will determine the nerve regions that require immediate attention. Treatments such as brain-based therapy, chiropractic manipulation, and spinal adjustments are then applied as necessary.