MedWell Offers Countless Patients Disc Pain Relief in Paramus, NJ

A lot of people are not aware that their spinal discs are pressing on their nerve root, which then causes the severe lower back pain that they experience. Fortunately, MedWell is offering countless patients disc pain relief in Paramus, NJ, and the surrounding areas that they serve. Dr. Ali Mazandarani, the leading force behind MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis and Neuropathy Center, made a clear, concise, and informative discussion on the center’s website on why and how herniated spinal disc occurs. In the featured video clip, Dr. Maz explained that the spinal disc normally loses its elasticity and eventually ruptures, thereby forcing a section of it to be pushed outside its normal boundary. He also highlighted that people ages 35 to 45 are more prone to this condition as they are constantly involved in strenuous activities known to weaken and injure the spine.