Diets and Injections: Just Some Ways to Cure Knee Pain in Paramus, NJ

Thankfully, doctors remain undaunted by such prospects and they continue to come up with more effective ways to fight osteoarthritis. One approach is to inject the affected joint(s) with a compound known as hyaluronate; commercially known as ‘Hyalgan’ and ‘Synvisc’. This medication was specifically formulated to mimic hyaluronic acid, a substance found in the joints. This makes hyaluronate easy to absorb, turning it into a lubricant and shock absorber that can relieve knee pain. Receiving Hackensack, NJ knee pain injections is not as straightforward as it sounds, though, because this treatment is used only when certain requirements are met. For example, if the pain doesn’t go away with ice packs and standard pain relievers, only then can doctors recommend a hyaluronate injection. Even then, they have to be careful because the drug can also lead to headaches, back pain, itchy skin, and other allergic reactions.