Treating Sciatica in Paramus, NJ: Encourage Obese Patients to Exercise

Given the penchant of New Jerseyans for deep-fried food slathered with rich sauces, it is not surprising that the obesity rate in the state is at 24.6%, close to the highest in the country. It follows that the incidence of sciatica and other back pains among these individuals is also likely to be high. Fortunately, treatment for sciatica in Paramus, NJ is available from experts like those at MedWell Spine, OstheoArthritis, & Neuropathy Center, who offer effective non-surgical solutions to such problems. However, while obese patients may seek sciatica relief from Paramus, NJ specialists, the treatment can only have long-lasting effects if the patient loses the extra pounds. In alleviating pain from sciatica, an obese person may just get the right relief that could encourage him or her to engage in badly needed physical activities.