Effective Bergen County Knee Pain Treatments Start with the Brain

Without going into specifics, these imbalances can be corrected by stimulating certain areas of the brain, either directly, or with the help of chemicals or hormones. However, since people’s brains are “wired” differently (referring to the ‘neuroplasticity’ of the brain), brain-based therapies are customized or designed for individual cases, rather than given as a standard treatment. These therapies also work best when used alongside other pain relief treatments, like physical therapy and chiropractic care. One type of knee pain treatment in Paramus, NJ, in particular, uses brain-based therapy for diagnosis and pain management. The therapy can also be used to treat fibromyalgia, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other joint pains, which is good news for the 39 million Americans who suffer from these conditions every day.