Bergen County Knee Pain Experts: The Blades Aren’t Always the Solution

Bergen County knee pain specialists advise exhausting all other available treatments before going for a knee replacement. Think of this: the knee carries most of the body’s weight and every day, that part which connects your upper and lower bones has to move. Now imagine that sensitive area cracked open for reconstruction. Unlike other parts of your body that can be left untouched or do not require much movement, your knee is used right after it’s healed so what are the chances that the implant stays in place? About one-third of people over 50 have torn meniscus, a crescent-shaped cartilage disc that cushions the knee, likely caused by arthritis. For some, therapy didn’t work so they find themselves resorting to surgery. Researchers, however, found that those who continued with therapy had improved by as much as six months and one year later than those who were given arthroscopic surgery immediately.