Pain Relief Experts Offers Remedy for Back Pain in Bergen County.

The MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center, an institution well-known for providing alternative drug-free and non-invasive pain relief options, offers remedy for individuals suffering from back pain in Bergen County. Back pain is a common affliction that affects many individuals, with poor posture being the most notable cause. With the help of our pain relief expert Dr. Mazandarani and a specific treatment plan, clients can find comfort and freedom from pain. The most common postural distortion occurs when the natural curve of the spine is altered as the head drops forward, causing strain on the spine due to the weight of the head. In turn, the neck muscles struggle to support the head, causing strain on the spinal cord by stretching it. The body’s nervous system is then disrupted, leading to stress, pain, and other health issues.