Why We Provide Non-Surgical Disc Pain Relief for Paramus, NJ Patients

Here at MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center, many of our clients visit us to get treatment for back pain. This is no wonder, since 80 percent of people will experience significant pain in their lower back at some point in their lives. To help with this, our center provides disc pain relief for Paramus, NJ patients through various interventions. One of the common causes of lower back pain is bone misalignment. This is determined by taking a front-to-back picture of the lower back and drawing an imaginary line across the top of the hips; this line should be parallel to the floor. If not, then this may mean hip subluxation, meaning that the hip joint’s ball is not completely in its socket. This makes the spine rest on an uneven foundation, resulting into constant and severe pain.