Diagnosing Neuropathy in Paramus, NJ for Effective Pain Management

Determining the root cause before treatment is the best way to make sure that pain caused by peripheral neuropathy in Paramus, NJ is properly treated. Since symptoms of peripheral neuropathy might vary from one patient to another, a professional chiropractor will proceed with extra caution and perform several tests to determine the best treatment plan for an individual. As a patient, you should be familiar with methods of diagnosing neuropathy so that you may be fully prepared when you see your chiropractor. Initial Examinations Your chiropractor will first sit with you to ask some questions about your condition. This may pertain to your current lifestyle, family history of diseases, symptoms you are experiencing, drinking habits or vices and other related questions. It is important that you answer truthfully and with as much details to help your chiropractor make an accurate diagnosis.