The Symptoms and Available Treatments for Bulging Disc in Northern NJ

What’s the difference between a herniated disc and a bulging disc? A herniated disc refers to the condition wherein the soft inner material of a disc ruptures and leaks out of the cracked disc. Meanwhile, a bulging disc refers to the condition wherein the disc “bulges” out between the vertebrae but the inner material is still intact and there is no damage on the disc. Bulging discs are common since they can occur without any feeling of pain. If left untreated, however, they may have a negative effect on the spinal cord and other nerves. Sufferers of bulging disc in Northern NJ and elsewhere are common since this condition is a part of the degenerating and aging process of the vertebrae. Normally, a bulging disc does not pose any serious threat to your health but if it bulges far enough to limit the spinal canal, it might cause some serious problems like segmental spinal stenosis.