Experiencing Spinal Disc Pain? The Causes and Treatments for Relief

Probably one of the most extreme of all pain types is the one caused by damaged spinal discs or dislocated discs. It is considered as one of the most excruciating types of pain and one that needs immediate medical attention. Note that although there are various do-it-yourself therapies to get rid of the pain, it is advised to first visit a doctor for disc pain relief.

What Causes the Pain?

Spinal discs are basically pads between the vertebrae or the spinal column. They are also widely known as intervertebral disks in the medical community. The discs are flat and circular like capsules. They are about an inch diameter and are almost one quarter inch thick. Spinal discs are firmly embedded between the vertebrae, and they cannot be moved or slip since they are held in place by ligaments.