Fighting DDD with Disc Pain Relief from Health Experts in Paramus, NJ

Have you been experiencing back pain but refused to talk to your doctor about it? If it’s been happening more frequently than before, chances are the cause might be more than just your sedentary lifestyle or sleeping in an improper position. It can be the result of a degenerative or herniated disc. This is more than enough reason to visit a health care expert that specializes in disc pain in Paramus, NJ.

What Happens to Your Spine

Degenerative disc disease normally occurs in the neck and the lower back, because these are the most active areas of the spine. Over time, the spinal discs in these areas sustain wear and tear, resulting in the breakdown of the cartilage that separates the components of the backbone. When these components start to rub against each other, it generates severe pain. Read more on this article: