Orthopedic Doctor: The Connection Between Bad Posture and Back Pain

Years of parents telling their children not to slouch may have something to do with more than just proper table etiquette. Any orthopedic doctor or a medical professional who offers similar services in Northern NJ will tell you that over time, bad posture can negatively affect an individual’s spine health. Muscles and ligaments tend to be strained to keep balance when one slouches or stoops. And this, inevitably leads to back pain. By extension, poor posture can also cause stiffness, sciatica, impingement, nerve compression, and muscle atrophy.

Learn About Proper Posture

Most people who have bad posture don’t even know it until they experience the symptoms. This may be the case for you. The perfect posture is characterized by three natural curves it retains – the inward curve at the neck, the outward curve at the upper back, and the inward curve at the lower back. Read more on this article: