Disc Pain in Paramus, NJ: Disc Problems Happen to Anyone at Any Age

If you’re experiencing disc pain in Paramus, NJ, it’s likely to have developed at work, especially if it requires you to sit or stand all day or lift heavy loads every day. Your work posture can also affect your back, and you’re likely to develop disc pain if you don’t sit with a proper posture. Work-related disc pains often manifest itself during your 40s, since you’ve spent quite a lot of time sitting or standing all day. Sports such as gymnastics, football, hockey, and tennis can also cause disc pain, particularly because you tend to fall, strain, or twist your back, which may lead to a bulging or herniated disc. Pregnancy can also strain your back, especially since your pelvic floor muscles weaken to accommodate your baby. These instances usually happen between your 20s and 40s.