Suffering from Neuropathy in Paramus, NJ? Some Drugs Might Not Work

Pregabalin, also marketed as a drug that works with other medication to treat certain types of seizures, aims to alleviate conditions often associated with neuropathic pain, such as the burning or tingling sensation on the body. It also offers relief from anxiety. A recent study discovered, however, that pregabalin might not be as effective as it claims to be. According to a research conducted by the Rochester University’s Department of Neurosurgery, led by their director, John Markman, MD, there was no significant difference in the levels of pain experienced by those who took the drug from those who received a placebo. The study further states that the drug, which is sold to the public under the name Lyrica, is particularly ineffective in relieving chronic back pain, exacerbated by standing up or walking.