3 Simple Home Exercises that Can Provide Immediate Sciatica Relief

Commonly caused by a herniated disc, sciatica produces mild to debilitating leg pain. This is due to a pinched nerve located in your lower back. While these pangs start from nerve roots at both sides of your lower spine, they course through your sciatic nerve, which runs from the buttocks down the length of each leg. As a result, radiculopathy or leg pain occurs, and it can feel even worse than the back pain that accompanies the condition. You can feel the pain for up to six weeks, but more severe cases can last longer.

Experiencing sciatica in Paramus, NJ can disrupt your life. The pain can prevent you from accomplishing routine tasks, and it’s tempting to just stay in bed or on the couch until it eases. However, doing some simple exercises in the comfort of your home can actually provide relief. Read more on this article: